Local Dealer Auto Shipping

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Save hundreds with local dealer auto shipping with Orlando Auto Shipping!!!

We ship vehicles for companies like Bob’s Barricades and personal vehicles for anyone else. We ship a lot of vehicles for local dealerships here in Orlando, so we thought we should shed some light on the process.

Its really simple when you work with the right people and the opposite happens when you don’t. Use Orlando Auto Shipping so you don’t get stuck with that bill. Local Dealer Auto Shipping in the Orlando area is usually easy with 4 major auto auctions in Orlando there’s always trucks in the area. Most trucks are going to other major cities nationwide but if your vehicle isn’t going to a major city we can still help in most cases.

Local Dealer Auto Shipping starts with you locating a vehicle. From there you’ll buy the vehicle and give us the info for the local dealer and your delivery info. From there we’ll get you on a schedule that will be approved by you and then set for pickup. Depending on how far the vehicle is being shipped will determine how long the vehicle will be on the trailer.

Orders with us are usually deposit and balance paid at delivery. If you work for a dealership its a little bit different because its usually done by invoice. So either dealer or customer we can make payment arrangements for all parties involved. We work with any and all customer in need of auto shipping nationwide. Thanks again for visiting Orlando Auto Shipping

Local Dealer Auto Shipping

Local Dealer Auto Shipping

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