Auto Shipping Routes

At Orlando Auto Shipping we know most of our shipments will be coming or going from Orlando, FL. We will continue to post routes associated with your auto transport.

How long does it take to ship a car?

It really depends on where you are shipping to. Most drivers are on the road most of the day within legal driving limits. They complete 400-650 miles daily; some team drivers can double that. So if you are shipping from Orlando to Atlanta it’ll be a 24-36 hour trip in most cases. If you are shipping to Los Angeles, it’ll usually take 4-7 days.

Scheduling is usually better for routes between major cities because more drivers are available. For example, if we have 10 trucks in the area every few days for a popular route you’ll have a wide range of options and dates to choose from. If it’s a route that 1-2 drivers do within a week the timing for your transport will be longer or you will have fewer dates to choose from.

So in short a more popular shipping route will likely give you more options for figuring out how long it will take to ship your car.

Preparing your vehicle for transport

Preparing your vehicle is fairly easy. It should be clean when the driver arrives so your pick-up contact and the driver can inspect the vehicle before loading. This way there are no questions if they’re are existing dings or scratches. Keep it light; this means no items in the vehicle and keep it low on fuel. Other than that you’re all set.

The driver will drive the vehicle on the trailer and strap it down. Lock it up and keep the keys in the truck cab.

Orlando Auto Shipping Routes

We get these auto-shipping routes from the Auto Shipping HUB and rely on them to provide the best information possible.

Thanks for looking click the links below to view the shipping routes. If your route needs to be posted please send us an email.

Shipping routes

We will continue to add these links to provide you with the most information possible for auto shipping in or around Orlando, FL. We ship all over the country and have been doing so since 2007. We know both the carrier and broker sides of the industry. You can’t go wrong with Orlando Auto Shipping.

Below we will post other shipping routes from the Auto Shipping HUB website.

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