How Auto Shipping Works

How Auto Shipping Works, First Step: What does it cost

Start with our free quote form. Be careful if you’re going to do this on other sites because half of the sites out there are misleading and will send your info to 5-10 different companies. On our site, it comes directly into our system and then will be sent back by an actual person. The quote will be a basic rate based on driver availability which means we’ll contact a driver who’s going to be in the area when you’re looking to ship your vehicle. 80-90% of customers go this route because it saves money. You just need to have some flexibility with regard to timing.

If you need a specific day the rates will go up for most car carrier options. Just because sometimes we don’t have available space on a specific trailer daily. So if this is the only day you have to ship we sometimes need to force a driver into the area which drives the cost up. If this is confusing give us a ring and we’ll better explain and give you some advice on what will work best for your situation.

Second Step: Know who you’re working with

In the auto shipping world, it’s really important to know who you’re working with. 90% of the companies you call will be brokers. 50% of those aren’t worth shipping with because of how this industry works. Check reviews and it’s best to talk to them and feel them out before booking. Brokers with a bad reputation generally use the wrong drivers or quote too low. This makes your vehicle unappealing to a driver doing your specific route and will grab another vehicle that’s paying better. So if you called three companies generally the lowest of the quotes won’t move your vehicle.

Third/Fourth and Fifth: They all kinda go together

From preparing your vehicle to accepting delivery we have a few pointers that will help with your move. Pick large well-lit meeting spots like shopping centers where large trucks can pull in with ease. Don’t expect them to be as on time as you would be. Most of these drivers are overwhelmed with sometimes 12+ customers they’re dealing with in a truck cab while driving. So do your best to try and understand how they go about their day and auto transport will go smoother. Pickup and delivery are about the same as far as what to expect. Communication is challenging at times because of what their job entails and the trucks they’re driving are not like the FedEx/USPS/UPS. So timing is hard to predict at times.

At delivery, it’s very important to do a good inspection because after you sign the paperwork it’s hard to go back and say the driver damaged my car. Most orders will have a balance due to the driver at delivery. If a receipt is needed this is the time to get one, they’ll usually write it up on the BOL or inspection report. After that, the transport is just about over.

We encourage you to write reviews if you go with us or not. We only use the best drivers so the likelihood of you having a good experience with us is almost a sure thing. We want to hear about it. We hope our “how auto shipping works” page was helpful. thanks again

How auto shipping works
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