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Welcome to our Copart Auction page to help you when purchasing a vehicle from a Copart Auction. We’re making this page because many customers that buy cars from Copart are looking to save the most money and this sometimes will cause issues with auto shipping. Copart Auctions are a great place to find cheap cars, that usually have damage and or don’t run. The same buyer is also looking to save money on shipping. This is where the problem comes to play because Copart only gives you a few days after purchase to pick up the vehicle.

Most customers that went with the lowest shipping quote usually will occur storage charges making the shipping cost go up. We’ve been dealing with this from auto shipping brokers since 2007. Most auto shipping companies will quote low to get you in the door but then will fail to get your vehicle(s) out before storage starts. Another thing we’ve noticed is that most people buying vehicles from Copart Auctions are local, but the vehicles don’t drive you can’t get them out without a shipper. This usually makes for cheaper shipping costs as well as fast delivery time frames.

With Houston Auto Shipping our rates come directly from locally screened carriers, so you don’t have to worry about storage charges. Also the faster you get the vehicle the faster you can fix it. Most of the time this is important because you’re going to try to sell it for a profit. We ship nationwide and have partnered with a great international shipper as well. So wherever you are in the world we can help.

So in a nutshell we’re trying to help you avoid a headache with a cheap shipping rate just to get hit with more charges and frustration. We will give you an affordable rate that will get the job done quickly and safely. Vehicles from Copart Auctions are loaded, so if you have a way to unload a non-running vehicle we charge you a rate for a running vehicle. So if you buy a lot of cars that don’t run it might be best to have a way to unload vehicles as well. This would help with both the rate and transit time.

Copart Update

We have been hearing some concerning feedback from drivers regarding Copart and their new scheduling changes. Copart auctions have been challenging for drivers for some time now due to the fact they don’t describe their vehicles accurately or they have other issues unknown from moving around the lot via forklift. Yup, a forklift goes right under the car or truck to move it all over the many acres of their specific location. Let’s set that aside for a minute because that’s usually an issue for the customer and not really related to transporting the vehicle.

Now, they’re making it harder for drivers to schedule a pickup. This was already a challenge because they already had limited pick-up hours and sometimes you had to wait hours to load a vehicle causing delays for other pickups for that specific load. Now they want drivers to pick a specific time to load the vehicle, which anyone in this industry would know is very hard to predict. Flexibility is very important in the auto shipping industry now the drivers have another hoop to jump through.

This is why more and more drivers are avoiding Copart altogether and customers should do the same. Other options are available for buying crashed and or used vehicles.

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Copart Auto Auctions

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