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Hello Future Auto Shipper,

Are you looking to ship your car from Orlando to Atlanta? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Orlando Auto Shipping is the number one auto shipping service provider in the region, and we have built a solid reputation through our commitment to customer satisfaction. All our vehicle shipping services come with a damage-free guarantee that ensures your car gets to the desired destination safely and free of damage. In the unlikely event of vehicle damage, our insurance covers repair costs.

Orlando Auto Shipping specializes in:

  • Classic car shipping
  • Truck shipping
  • SUV transport
  • Motorcycle Shipping
  • Household Moves
  • Auto auction shipping for people intending  to buy vehicles online
  • Auto-shipping for dealer transport
  • And more! Regardless of your needs, we are ready to tailor our services to meet your needs.
  • Orlando to Atlanta and Many other routes across the US

Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping Options

We have both open and enclosed carriers capable of fitting any car you have, and our team will see you get nothing but total satisfaction. Open transport services are also available as a less expensive option. Our open trailers carry more cars and transport multiple vehicles. However, open auto shipping is not meant for all kinds of vehicles, especially classic and valuable cars, as the vehicles are exposed to the elements.

Enclosed trailers are commonly used for show and collector cars. These hold fewer vehicles and typically carry the same insurance coverage. The enclosed trailer transport option costs more, but vehicles carried by are less likely to get damaged by rocks and flying objects. The cost of an enclosed shipping option is commonly 50% more compared to that of open trailers.

Orlando to Atlanta

Why choose Orlando Auto Shipping?

  1. Full service – Our trailer will meet you at a pickup point and deliver to your desired location.
  2. Best prices – Bring us any of our competitor’s price quotes, and we will beat that! No hidden charges past the price quote
  3. Multi-car discounts
  4. Convenience – No terminals, no worries, no waiting
  5. The Drivers shipping service guards your property
  6. Variety – Open and enclosed car carrier options for you to choose from
  7. Decades of experience in dedicated auto shipping nationwide.
  8. Auto-shipping specialists – Many of these movers are not specialist auto-shippers. But Orlando Auto Shipping is.
  9. We have a vast network of 5-star carriers.
  10. Friendly, helpful, and honest staff. We are available round the clock.

Get a Free Price Quote in Minutes

As you look for an auto-shipping service from Orlando to Atlanta, turn to a company that understands the ins and outs of the shipping business. With decades of experience, we know how to handle your transportation needs and provide a personalized service that suits you best.

Orlando Auto Shipping is committed to getting your vehicle from Orlando to Atlanta in the same condition you gave us. Better, we provide tracking to keep you updated throughout the transport process. Fill in your shipping details for a free auto-shipping price quote. If you want more auto shipping info, try the Auto Shipping HUB. Thanks

The information below is found on Auto Shipping HUB’s page for adding items to the vehicle during transport. 

At the Auto Shipping HUB, we are not a Broker or Carrier. We want our viewers and future auto shippers to be prepared.

When shipping, most customers ask, “Can we put some stuff in the car?”. The answer will be, “Yes, you can put up to 100 in the car”. This can’t be more untrue, and I’ll explain. The person you are asking is likely a broker, and he has no idea what the carrier will or won’t allow. They say they are under 100 because it’s safe, but they cannot control the carrier’s actions. Extra charges can occur and or missing items. The Department of Transportation or DOT won’t allow any items in the vehicle, and neither the Broker nor Carrier will ensure any of these items.

After knowing that, we will say most people do ship with items in the vehicle and never have a problem. If you put items in the vehicle, make sure you only use the trunk and that these items can’t move. Here are some things you should never ship, no matter what. Anything valuable, electronics, anything breakable, anything that can damage your vehicle if it moves, Liquids… etc

Typically, shipping clothes, school items, or anything with little or no value is safe. The best advice the Auto Shipping HUB will give you is to avoid putting items in the vehicle. The DOT can fine a transporter $10,000 if found to be carrying household goods. Household moving companies are licensed to transport household goods. No firearms, hazardous materials, or illegal contraband are allowed anytime.

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Orlando to Atlanta

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